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Thread: frames keep popping up

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    frames keep popping up

    i have a question, so in my game there are two secret mini-games for the player to find. there are also two hints (which are in the two frames named 'hint1' and 'hint2'). i had the game set up where in the main menu the player will be randomly transported to the first hint frame, and then in the game over screen (which is after the actual game) he'll be transported to the second hint frame. after the player beats the first mini-game and earns his star, the hint frame should never ever pop up unless he deletes his data (which i already programmed), and the same goes for the second mini-game. so how would i be able to stop the player from being randomly transported to these frames when he already beat the mini-games?

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    If the player has cleared the mini game and they've earned their star, then you can write something to an INI file to store that they've done it.

    Then when you call the event that transports them to "hint1", you can check the INI file to see if they have already done it or not.


    In this example I've just done "compare two general values" under special conditions (the gears object) to check the INI file, but you can also store this in an alterable value somewhere and just load it from the INI at the start of the frame

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