I have been studying extension development for Android recently.
I have two reference books《Android Extension SDK》Fernando Vivolo – December 12 - 2015,and《CF 2.5 Extension Developement Kit Help》。
I have some questions:

1.I create my CRunTest .java file ,extends CRunExtension .
and linked it in CExtLoad.java file.
but "Publish extension" It just compresses the Java file and has nothing to do with CExtLoad.java .
so link is inoperative.
2.There are many configurations that are written in files ,AndroidMainfest.xml build.gradle .
and How do you handle these configurations in my extension class .
3.the MFX file is created by fusion2.5SDK in my visual studio c++ .it's only contains the definition of your actions, conditions, expressions, properties
for the editor? How does it relate to CRunTest.java file?
4.Is there a simple video tutorial?

thanks a lot