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Thread: Questions about MMF2.5 Before I buy

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    Questions about MMF2.5 Before I buy

    Had a heck of a time logging back in.

    Hello! You may not remember me, gondracorn, old timer from mmf2 that posted a bunch of ambiguous and/or general questions, about 30 total, with 90 posts/replies to boot.

    Now, I am planning to buy Clickteam 2.5, or wait for Multimedia Fusion 3 (I heard Clickteam 1.5 was similar, as you bought MMF1, upgraded to CT1.5, then bought MMF2, then upgraded to CT2.5, so, will it be MMF3, then CT3.5? XP)

    I have some questions about clickteam 2.5 and Multimedia Fusion 3. (Although, back in the day, discussion about MMF3 was CLASSIFIED. Trying again now)

    First off, I would like to request a complete changelog since the latest version of Multimedia Fusion 2. Like, what features were added, what features were modified, and what features were removed. This needs to be in a basic reading format that even people with basic english can understand. And all consolidated into one post or as a single attachment.

    Also, in regards to features, what differences and changelogs are there with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and 2.5 Developer?

    If I buy developer, can I upgrade my Multimedia Fusion 2 to Developer and get a discount (Or will I have to buy it for full price)?

    Finally, does MMF2.5 or MMF3 provide support for adding qualifiers to an object or group of objects via the event editor?

    Like, I want to add a qualifier such as "Good", "Neutral", and "Bad" to an object or group of objects upon a certain action performed in the game, such as "Upon selecting Faith, assign all these objects to the "Good" qualifier, all these objects to the "Neutral" qualifier, and all these Objects to the "Bad" qualifier."

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    The "Multimedia" part of the name no longer exists -- Its just Fusion now so its less of a mouthful to say or type!
    Yes you can upgrade to either Fusion 2.5 or Fusion 2.5 Developer at a discount. Fusion 3 is still pretty far off in release and depending on what your doing it might not be the best choice the day its released for you. Fusion 2.5 will still be actively supported and it will take time for Fusion 3 to be fully featured and compatible.

    Clickteam has many commercial/professional users using Fusion 2.5 so there will be years of overlap while they finish and support their games and applications developed under Fusion 2.5

    We have a giant change list someplace but I can't find the link at the moment --
    You can look thru some of the recent ones here

    Once I get the big list since the 5 years Fusion 2.5 came out I'll let you know but its been many many updates.

    Try out the free version on the website and see what you think.

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