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Thread: Karloman and His Iced Muffins

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    Karloman and His Iced Muffins

    Hi folks,

    I just released a little game on Itch. It is a remastered and slightly altered version of a game I did 10 years ago for a Vitalize (remember?) competition.

    Karloman and His Iced Muffins is a remaster/expansion of a game I did for a winter competition 10 years ago. The graphics were slightly retouched, the gameplay mechanics tweaked so the game is less likely to be confused with a platformer, some other mechanics were changed or removed to make the game less annoying. I also got rid of most of the xmas-references as I really don't like xmas. The player, who used to walk around dressed up as Santa, now has a green suit for example.
    The game is a gridbased puzzle game. You can walk around with the arrow keys, shoot fire-stars with ctrl (and of course you can configure that) or with your gamepad. You can also climb ladders and ropes. The main objective is to collect all iced muffins and get out. On your way you will find enemies, traps, blocks and bridges. Most enemies are easily evaded but you can also toastwith your (limited amount of) stars. Most levels have a central (light) puzzle. Be aware that to get a perfect score for each level you have to get through it without killing any living beings!


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