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Thread: LZMA2 compression extension ($2)

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    Lightbulb LZMA2 compression extension ($2)

    LZMA2 Object
    An asynchronous LZMA compression object, also featuring a custom file coalescing/separation system.

    LZMA is a compression algorithm allowing you to increase effort to compress, resulting in smaller results but with near-equal decompression time. LZMA2 is a variant of LZMA allowing multiple threads to compress the same file.

    • Multiple compressions or decompressions at once
    • Use up to two threads per compression (LZMA limits to two)
    • Async operations means Fusion events don't pause while actions are being carried out
    • Simple and easy to use
    • For advanced users, set compression level and buffer sizes for full control over the compression
    • Decompression remains a one-action operation regardless of settings
    • Features a homebrew file combining/separation system, useful for patching or compressing multiple files at once
    • Same compression algorithm as 7-Zip

    Compatible with:
    • MMF2 (Standard or Developer), Unicode and non-Unicode variants available
    • CF2.5 (Standard or Developer)
    • Windows only. Possible for other exporters on paid request or high demand.

    Comes some rough example files. Updates and new exporter ports will be free to existing customers.

    Purchase HERE, currently at $2.

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    great stuff, bought!

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