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Thread: Counters: Going to the right.

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    Counters: Going to the right.

    Hey clickteam devs, wanted to tell you an important issue you guys have with counters. Right now the digit goes from the right to left, not sure if it is possible to go from left to right but we have not found it.
    Any advice? Or are you guys able to add it? Its so essential.


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    A counter doesn't have support for this. But there are workarounds. One option is to use a string object instead, which is set to align right. You can also use a System active box and set align to right in its settings.
    A third option is to stick with the counter and set the x position using events based on its width, since the counter's width will change depending on the content.

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    You can align the counter object however you want by doing this:

    Always (or when you change the value of counter):
    - Set X Position to: X + Counter Width

    This will align the counter so the left edge is always in place. You can also do X + Counter Width * 0.5 for center alignment.
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