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Thread: rpg effect learned from almighty zentaco not working, help

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    Angry rpg effect learned from almighty zentaco not working, help

    You see I have this code here Left$(text_to_display, Len(string$( "textblablabla" )) + 1)
    and i was watching a tutorial by the almightyzentaco and I am just asking after that point, in his npc tutorial if this code would work with the string object called textblablabla
    only problem is when i run the frame i don't see the text or backdrop image or npc image, and i only see the black background
    could it be that my view height is not high enough for the camera to see those things in the window? if so how do i change the camera height?
    here is a .mfa file of my broken non functioning project check the link here I cannot see anything on the window when running the frame or application please help.
    I was following the almightyzentaco's npc tutorial and it is not working.

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