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Thread: How To Remove Clickteam Fusion 2.5 HTML 5 Template Message? (Also border!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dascribe View Post
    How do you remove the message at the bottom, remove the logo, remove the purple border, and change the background color on the page?
    I tried to remove the information in the index file, but it just ended up showing a bunch of random text at the bottom of the page.

    I don't want to fit to window because it seems to degrade the graphics even with the anti-aliasing. I am specifically targeting 1920x1080 screens and I have already worked out dimensions that will work for me.


    If you open (after building) index.html file in notepad - there will be a #border section (with background-color: #99C; and etc) Put border from 1px to 0 px and padding from 5px to 0px. If you want remove text (bottom message) - there will be #p section. Just add "display: none;" To change the WHOLE background color - experiment with adding "background-color: #fff;" to the WHOLE #body section.

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    Hi Marat,

    Thanks for responding.
    I did end up figuring it out.

    It's too bad though. I use Storyline at work and Fusion could run circles around it when it comes to creating interactivity. But, these are the types of things that make it impossible to suggest Fusion as an option. I can't even just drop in mp4s. This company has so much potential and there are so many possible uses for it, but they never finish things enough that the masses can produce end products with it. I'm a major fanboy of Clickteam and I really want them to win. I hope they merge with someone to get the resources to carry out their vision.

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