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Thread: Comparing Global Values for a league table

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    Comparing Global Values for a league table

    Hi all,
    I am trying to compare global values against 128 object to produce a league table

    Issue as below
    I have 128 "CPU" objects with 2 global values each
    Global value 1 is "Money earned"
    Global value 2 is "League Position"

    I need to order the "League position" by "Money earned" in descending order

    If its anything to do with loops then they confuse me no end so if you could explain like im 5 years old that would be grand

    Is this possible?


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    Hey, my solution uses a fast loop and a for each loop. If they confuse you I should first explain them here so my example makes sense

    A fast loop has two things for it:
    - The Name, it is what you refer to when you make On Loop condition
    - The number of loops, it is how many times every event with On Loop repeats

    Lets take this example:

    This example runs fast loop called "loop", repeating 10 times.
    Therefore, event 2 executes 10 times. Making 10 objects in total.

    They're very useful because fast loops execute instantly, it is like the little checkbox/action running the fast loop contains all events that start with "On loop".

    Now, there are "For Each Loops", they are very similar to fast loops but are Object related. They only have a name, no number of repeats.
    Instead, they repeat the code for every object that can execute the for each loop.

    This is extremely useful! Because all instances are separated from each other. Let's take this example with 10 objects:

    This example runs 10 times (the amount of objects in frame), so, you will see 10 new lines printed with 10 values.

    Now with fast loops and for each loops explained, my example combines both of them to create sorting. It is commented throughout: SortingByValue.mfa

    If this helped, great! If it hasn't and there's still something confusing about it, let me know and maybe I could try something else.
    - BartekB, a.k.a Uppernate
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    BartekB - It is people like you in this community that convince me to keep trying to create stuff with Clickteam Fusion. This issue was a potential game breaker and you my friend have saved me a massive headache and about 16000 (literally) lines of code!

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