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Thread: Interfacing with MMF2 socket object

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    Interfacing with MMF2 socket object

    I'm considering connecting a MMF2 application to a Python script on the same network, but I'm not finding any documentation on MMF2's MooSock object anywhere online.

    1) Is there any documentation or tutorial that implements socket communication?
    2) Is there an easier way to implement remote communication between MMF2 and other applications, servers, or scripts?

    I'm familiar with the Python socket library and the basics of computer networks.


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    Hey @namespace , MooSock comes with help along with MooClick/MooGame.
    See last tab of object properties and press Help button.
    If that doesn't work, browse to your Fusion install folder, then Help subfolder, and look for Moo.chm. (If it shows a blank page, you may have to unblock the file in its properties.)

    The Moo objects are deprecated as of several years ago, and although there is no raw socket solution, most users get by with:
    • Get Object - HTTP/HTTPS server needed - multiplatform, simplistic
    • Web Query Object - HTTP/HTTPS server needed - newer ext, Windows only, must be bought on ClickStore here
    • Lacewing - a Lacewing server needed. Lacewing server is available in Python, as a Windows Fusion ext, and in raw C++. While Lacewing is designed for multiplayer games, it works fine for single client-server access as well. Lots of details on Lacewing here.

    It's worth noting I maintain the latter two of those, and I'm available on the official Clickteam Discord chatroom if you need faster support.

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