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Thread: Facebook SDK Extension Needed

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    Facebook SDK Extension Needed

    Fusion really needs to get iOS and Android working with the latest Facebook SDK. I am willing to some money towards the development of getting this back into Fusion. It probably one of the most important extensions needed for mobile game success.
    Also Facebook Audience Network would be awesome to get put it together one time.

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    It looks like Facebook Graph API is HTTP[S] based, in which case, Web Query Object could handle it.
    When I come off break I'm planning to port Web Query Object to Android - so within next few months. However, I can't port to iOS, as I lack the dev tools to do so.

    It's worth mentioning you might be able to create new Facebook content and download data with just Get Object.
    Deleting and editing data might not be possible with it, though - anything that uses GET or POST can be handled by Get Object, but as the linked SDK page shows, some require DELETE and other HTTP[S] action types. Web Query Object supports that, but Get Object doesn't.

    Login with Facebook will likely require an entirely new ext, as might Facebook ads.

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    Hmm would pay $100 bucks or more for it... heck even a subscription.

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