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Thread: Online Part Request App

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    Online Part Request App

    I haven't used Clickteam in awhile due to having a baby and getting a new job. But I have an idea that will help me greatly with situations I come across at work. I am unable to find an app that I have in mind on the app store, and would also like to be able to custom make it just because that would be awesome! I just need a little help getting started and making sure that I am on the right track.

    Basically, I need an app that works on android on multiple devices that syncs data through some kind of database. Let's say someone needs a part for their car and they need to send me the part number for me to order it. Rather than emailing/texting/calling I would like them to type the part number into the app and it automatically puts it in a "Part Requests" list. On my end I would receive a notification about this part being added to the "Part Requests" list. I then do my job and get the part ordered. After I order the part I can then update this specific part and it will put it in the "Ordered List". Whenever they open the app they can see the status of each part they have entered.

    That is it! Just an on demand request app that shows the status of everything that has been sent and stored in the database.
    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!


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    Not to take away programming work from anyone, but I suggest you try Trello. We use it at my design business and really helps us coordinate. There are ton of easy to implement options/features. It's free but there is a pro version with more options.

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