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Thread: Premade options (screen size, configure controls)?

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    Premade options (screen size, configure controls)?

    Is there a template with premade options so we can start making a game right away? You should be able to set the screen size just like in Ultimate Walrus' fullscreen example and there should be the option to configure your keyboard and gamepad without the internal control+Y dialog.


    Player 1: press up, press down, press left, press right, press key/button for action 1, press key/button for action 2.
    Player 2: ...
    maybe also for players 3 and 4.

    All controls should be saved in a file.

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    I suppose the thing to consider though, Leander, is the template you want might not be what your game's frame sizes and etc. would need.

    It would be a cool example file to include on the site though.

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