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Thread: Ideas for Beefing Up EDU Games

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    Ideas for Beefing Up EDU Games

    Hi - I make predominantly EDU games which involve matching words and definitions or placing labels on a diagram. Here is a sample game for PCs called "South American Geography" (It is a zipped file on my Google Drive. Not sure if external links are allowed.). Can some folks take a look and give me constructive criticism? I do not want to add external links or ads. Thanks.

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    Hi, just my thoughts: Your presentation is great! I like the layout of the menu options and variety of games.
    Some possible improvements:

    Games that require you to click the red dot to locate a city/feature could use a zoom option as it can be difficult to accurately click the dot (even a X2 option would help).
    Games that require you to click on the red dot that represents a country (e.g. match the flag to the country), you should be just able to click the actual country.
    Consider an alternative colour scheme option so the games are colour-blind friendly for those who might need it (red-green colour-blindness is a common form).
    Maybe provide an alternative (more simple?) scoring system/ruleset? E.g. limit the number of attempts or count how many attempts taken to get a question right.
    Consider when getting a question correct in the click the country/city/feature games, revealing a random fact/photo/video clip about the country/city/feature.

    If you wanted extra content, consider questions matching population sizes to countries, main industries/exported goods, local wildlife, location of indigenous tribes.

    Hope this helps, even if you don't include any of these suggestions, you've still got a very nice educational game there!

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    I think your game should start up in windowed mode. After testing, my three screen setup was completely whacked.

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