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Thread: Best way to equip and unequip items from inventory?

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    Question Best way to equip and unequip items from inventory?

    I'm using the inventory object. I have an inventory and an equipment screen. I want to loop through a group and equip when I click on an object in the inventory and when I click on it in the equipment screen unequip. My main issue is I feel like my method is too convoluted and I need to use a timer to remove the item and then place it in the equipment screen or else it doesn't work because it loops too quickly. The problem with the timer is if I spam click I can equip two tools and one of them disappears. I want my tool to go to a specific slot, but if I use "can object be added to the grid?" my game crashes so I went with this convoluted, over thought out way.


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    Did you try watching almightyzentaco’s youtube video tutorial on inventory?

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