Hi everybody!

This might be a little unorthodox but I'm not sure where else I should be posting about this.

My name is Ian, and once upon a time I was a young lad making simple, fun creations with Klik and Play (all of which I would be thoroughly embarrassed to present here.)
Creating games stuck with me as K&P evolved into Multimedia Fusion, then MMF2, and now Fusion 2.5. I've kept the current versions of the software looking for the right way to apply those skills.
Well, that kid grew up to be a board game designer, and then a publisher of tabletop board games. And today, I'm leveraging all those years of fun and creativity into something I've always wanted to try.

I have been publishing board games on KickStarter since 2015 and I finally had the right opportunity to create something with Fusion that would be relevant and exciting to our current tabletop game design pursuits.
Last year we successfully funded the standalone board game Incoming Transmission. Later we discovered the demand and interest for a fully-fledged companion application after I made a proof-of-concept version of the app as an experiment. We were immediately encouraged to offer a second Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds for additional features for the app and improve the physical components of the game with the added funding as well.

I wanted to share this project with you all too, and hopefully gain some additional support. There is a free demo of the app itself in the campaign page, the final version of which we will use the export modules for a browser based HTML5 app, a downloadable .exe for windows, and a sideloadable .apk for Android. We would love to add apps to the Google Play and Apple App stores if we can afford to.

Here is a link to the campaign page, please share it with anyone you think might like an app-enhanced board game powered by Fusion: http://kck.st/2De3MQ6

I am the designer/developer of the application itself but not the designer of the board game. The designer of the game is Michael Lipton, the same fellow who designed Fire of Eidolon for you boardgamers out there.
If there are any questions about the project, I'd love to answer them for you! Also looking for suggestions of other good places to promote our project.
Thank you in advance for your interest and support!

Here are some sample images with screenshots of the app that I've made which is still a [WIP] but has been a joy to work on after all these years.
aIT KS2 Project Image.jpg
App Features.jpg