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Thread: How to create online android game in ClickFusion?

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    How to create online android game in ClickFusion?

    It looks like there is no internet and online support for multiplayer in Android mode.
    There is no tutorial on how to create an android too, Even that I don't mind if Objects have internet object in android mode but no.

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    Multiplayergames are some of the more advanced type of games you can do, and there are simply not many finished multiplayergames made with Fusion, hence why there's a lack of tutorials for it.
    You do however have some alternatives, and Android is actually the platform which hast the most options.

    1: Google Play Game Objects
    This is a payed for extension. For more information about it and how well it workds, I advice you to find people that have experience with this extension, as I have none. Link:

    2: Lacewing
    Lacewing is a free multiplayer protocol which works both on Windows and Android runtime. There are some example for it, but if you want to make a realtime player vs player game, there are still some challenges to overcome, as you'd need to know how to deal with lags, out of sync problems etc..

    3: Get object / your own webserver
    If you want to make a turnbased game such as multiplayer chess, yatzee or any game where player alternate turns, a webserver may be your best choice. A webserver lets you store information online, and the Get object lets you communicate with it.

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