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Thread: Windows Permissions Issues With Read and Write

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    Windows Permissions Issues With Read and Write

    Hi, I've been stuck on this now for a few days but here is the issue:

    My program needs to read/write to some files (an ini file and some bitmaps).
    Those files are stored in C:/ProgramData/myGame
    The exe is stored C:/ProgramFiles(x86)/myGame

    Everything works fine when I install the application the first time but as soon as I reboot my PC it seems that my program is no longer allowed to access those files . I can force them back manually each time by forcible setting their permissions on each file (right click) but obviously I cant expect my users to be doing that.

    So how do I do it?

    I tried using C:\>c:\windows\system32\icacls c:\ProgramData\myGame /grant everyoneOI)(CI)F from the command line just to test but this just says access denied

    Now the whole reason I put these file in ProgramData in the first place was because i was of the understanding that they could be freely accessed there. (Unlike the Program Files Folder) however this doesn't seem to be the case.

    Also, I cant set my app as 'run as admin' because i need it to start it the startup folder (which apparently cant be done with an admin rights exe.) and also I don't really want my user to have to use admin rights for it anyhow.

    Its a problem I really dont need. I just want my app to be able to access all the files. I would have thought that would/should be default behavior.

    I am using Install Creator Pro for the installer and there don't seem to be any permission settings in that.


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    @grimmy : the only save spot for writing data is the appdata directory that is owned by the current user and has no limitations, even without admin rights. Look here:

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