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Thread: Amii for android (first game release ever)

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    Wink Amii for android (first game release ever)

    Hi, everybody
    I have just recently released my new game called Amii it is my first ever game, which Iím really excited about releasing.

    To give you a little more information on this game, it is an endless runner, made in an 8-Bit style, which includes 8-Bit music.

    I worked hard on this, even though the graphics isnít the best, I suck at drawing lol.
    Since this is my first release and I know that the game probably has plenty of flaws and issues I would love to get some creative criticism on it,
    to help me improve the quality of the game and make it even funner for people to play. The game is free and sadly it is only available on android for*right now,
    but if the game gets enough traction and attention, I will be putting it on IOS. So if you have just a little bit of time to play this game and give me some feedback I will greatly*appreciate it

    Here is a link to the game:

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    Hi Otty,
    I played your game and have some criticism for you.

    Firstly I would make the main character have more rotations, also work on the fonts as they really clash on the high score screen. Either you made a game so that's something to be proud of.

    I'll keep it installed in case you start updating it.

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