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Thread: How to make transparent shadows disappear with an object?

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    How to make transparent shadows disappear with an object?

    I have transparent shadows that are created at the start of the frame relative to an object, if the shadows overlap, one of them is destroyed to prevent them from overlapping. I've tried to always set the position of the shadows relative to the object and to move the object so out of frame both the shadow and the object are destroyed, but it triggers the overlap causing some shadows that I don't want to be destroyed to get destroyed. Is there any better way to do this? I'd rather not make a a diferent shadow for each backdrop so I'd like to use transparency instead.

    Help with Shadows.mfa

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    You'll have to scope the shadows in some way so that specific ones can get destroyed when they need to be. The simplest solution would be to use active objects instead of backdrops, give the active an alterable value that'll act like a label number, and give its shadow an identical label value. Then, when two shadows overlap, only destroy the one that has a different label value than the active object.

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