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Thread: a lot of questions about fusion 3 and fusion 2.5+

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    a lot of questions about fusion 3 and fusion 2.5+

    I am going to put more questions as replies to this first post.

    by the way, I'm coming from your comment on my video.

    how similar are the fusion 2.5 and fusion 3 architectures?
    why was there that period of radio silence?
    why would you be able to watch c populate in fusion 3 but not be able to hard code in fusion3?
    why is fusion 3 over by about 2 years since the initial release date?

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    - Fusion 3 is a brand new program built from scratch, using the same amazing event editor methodology with a ton of new improvements and functionality.

    - Their hasn't been that large of a radio on silence, we have periodically talked about Fusion 3 on our blog, social media and other outlets. It has not been weekly or monthly.

    - Fusion has been and always be the event editor. That IS the value of fusion, If you want to hard code, grab notepad.

    - As I mentioned in your video's comments we want to make sure we get it right.

    You seem to be quite the new user, if your join date is Nov 2018. Safe to assume you have plenty to explore with your copy of 2.5 standard.

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