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Thread: How can I display something every second frame exactly?

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    The date/time object can only track time to the same degree as the default Timer, in "hundredths of a second." This is still dependent on framerate, and something detached from that is the ideal way to go in this situation. However, if turning off Machine Independent Speed fixed the issue, then yay!

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    I thought that would be the case but it's better to ask though. Thanks for clearing that up :-)

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    I've found my solution. I played around with the Timer as you guys suggested, and it was a little better. Still pretty jittery, but definitely better than the standard tick method. So that gave me the idea of trying the microtimer object, which measures microseconds (I don't know why I didn't think of this before - I commissioned that object from Looki myself!), and it works a lot better now. I ended up doing this:

    This method uses 1/100ths just like the timer object, but it seems to produce more accurate timing somehow. And then I just tell it to do one thing if the flag is on, and another thing if the flag is off.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volnaiskra View Post
    Totally agree about Clickteam needing different terminology! Frame can mean at least 4 different things, and this has caused plenty of confusion for me over the years:

    1 one visual frame in the fps sense
    2 a frame (including its event sheet) in the frame list on the side
    3 the visual and spatial portion of the game that you edit with the frame editor, as opposed to the event sheet, which you edit with the event editors.
    4 the size of the larger game area, as opposed to its resolution.
    This is certainly something I'm keen to eradicate for Fusion 3. It's just unfortunately been built up that way with the ever-expanding years of the core product, but I agree, terminology does need to change for the next big revision.
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