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Thread: Determining Whether Character Is Uppercase, Lowercase, Number, or Symbol

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    Determining Whether Character Is Uppercase, Lowercase, Number, or Symbol

    Is there an extension that has a conditional function to tell whether text (or string) is uppercase or lowercase character? The editbox is the input I'm using, however, the only conditional function it has is whether the text is (or isn't) a number.

    The full goal is to develop a password auditing tool for Windows (i.e. EXE). Tthe entropy calculations won't be an issue. The two main goals I have are:

    1. Determining whether each character of text is a number, uppercase or lowercase letter, or symbol.
    2. Count how many of each.

    I can then use that information to calculate the entropy. The second one, off the top of my head, will involve me using loops.

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    If you use the string parser object you can get the character's ascii code.

    Symbols will be between 33-47, 58-64, 91-96 or 123-126.
    Numbers will be between 48-57
    Lower case letters are between 97-122
    Upper case letters are between 65-90.

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