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Thread: Two of the same objects interacting with each other?

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    Lightbulb Two of the same objects interacting with each other?


    I'm having difficulty having the same actives work with each other...

    I have two of the same object, "Level 1 sphere". When they collide with each other they should both be destroyed and create ONE "Level 2 sphere". Like they've merged together.

    This sounds doable, but the major Issue I'm having is having their values combine.

    For example...

    Level 1 sphere A stats:
    Defense: 10
    Speed: 5

    Level 1 sphere B Stats:
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 8

    So when these two spheres collide, they will create a level 2 sphere with the following stats
    Defense: 11
    Speed: 13

    I'm having issues combining these values, is there any way it's possible?

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    Try this?


    A Stupid Solution......


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