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Thread: Help with multiple enemies in GCSE coursework? :)

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    Help with multiple enemies in GCSE coursework? :)

    Hey guys, I should have made this post a long time ago, but here I am.
    For some GCSE coursework, we had to make a video game using Fusion 2.5. Overall I'm pretty happy with how my game looks, plays and feels however there's one major problem which I've come here for help with. I am unable to have 2, independently functioning enemies. I have spent close to a year trying to get this to work. Attached you should find a very rough build of my game and how it runs. If anyone could fix the problem I'm having with enemies that would by much appreciated
    Thanks, Bill :)
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    Hi Billbob2003,

    I took a look at your MFA. Just a couple of notes:

    1) I would try and avoid behaviours for active objects, they are useful and they are there for the main purpose of splitting code up and making it easier, however, you can reference each one independently via the main events. When player collides with Swat 1: do stuff (will only apply to the Swat 1 that player collided with).

    2) Some of your events (mostly behaviours) have some conditions that are not executing immediately, when the condition is highlighted in red, it is an 'immediate' condition (so Fusion will execute it the second it is true), so those conditions that are red, just drag it up to the beginning of the event and it will turn green

    3) If you really want to do some simple AI (without getting too deep into Fusion) - learn how to create 'states' for your enemies. You create an alterable value for the enemy object and call it state then when certain events happen (ie: player collides with Swat 1) set Swat 1's state to 1, then you just code an event that says Swat1(State)=1: Look at player etc. Hope this helps.

    Else, I have several free tutorials written up on the Academy which will probably help >
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