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Thread: Linear Quest Battle for Android

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    Linear Quest Battle for Android

    Linear Quest Battle has been released on Amazon Appstore. It will be later released on Google Play and iOS Appstore hopefully.

    Download link:


    Screenshots: bitmap8.jpgbitmap.jpgbitmap9.jpgbitmap7.jpg


    In Linear Quest Battle you are able to complete quests to gain experience points, gold, find new equipment, skills and artifacts. Completing quests unlocks new tougher quests with even tougher monsters. Level up your character and change your class at the Job Tower to impove your chances of winning in battles. Each class has 3 unique skills to be learned and different strengths and weaknesses. You can also hire mercenaries to help you in battles and acquire and level up pets.

    You can also play online and join parties and chat with other players. Try combining different class and skill combinations to make your party more efficient in completing the quests. Linear Quest Battle also allows you to leave your character fighting monsters endlessly in Endless quests which you can unlock after completing enough quests in the same area.


    • Battle monsters and find treasure chests containing skills and equipment
    • Try out 31 different classes
    • Learn 93 different skills
    • Acquire useful pets
    • Hire mercenaries
    • Find many powerful artifacts
    • Combine different class skills to make powerful builds
    • Play online with other people
    • Customize your character with different hair styles, hair colors and skin colors
    • Available languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Chinese(simplified)

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    Looks awesome, got to try it out.

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    That looks really cool! Gotta try it ASAP

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