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Thread: Fusion 2.5+ Global base frame

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    Thumbs up Fusion 2.5+ Global base frame

    Big thumbs up for the plus version. Loving it, many excellent new features.

    The global base frame is so handy. Just one thing that would make my day- If you could extend this a little further in a future version of 2.5+ so that I can create an object (from the global event editor or behavior event editor) that exists in this base frame in any other frame of the application, even when that frame does not contain it in the Frame Editor, this would be as big as child events for me. Well you probably know this already as I ask every time, one more time asking won't hurt
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    I was surprised to find the global event editor as I didn't know it was a feature. Really, I wasn't even going to get 2.5+ until I read about some of the features a few hours ago. It's a good price point too. If it was more expensive I don't think I would have made the purchase today.

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