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Thread: Player 1 Vs Player 2 - Score

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    Player 1 Vs Player 2 - Score

    Hi again pals,

    I've setup multiple enemy on screen, on collision with player's bullet subtract 1 from enemy health alt value. After the health reaches 0, the unit is destroyed and score added up to the counter.

    With Player 1 and Player 2 having separate score counters, how should I do the event: who lands the final hit and destroy an enemy gets the score?


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    @andreal you could store two values on the enemy object, one for each player. When a player hits the enemy, add some points to the value for that player. When the player health reaches 0, you could give the points stored for the relevant player who last hit it, plus a standard bonus amount. This would mean that players are rewarded more fairly for their involvement in destroying each enemy.

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