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Thread: How to get my clickteam fusion version out of steam?

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    How to get my clickteam fusion version out of steam?

    Just in case the question is not enough clear: I got the steam version of CTF 2.5 with developer, 4 exporters and the clickteam fusion 2.5+ dlc recently added.

    I would like to have them out of steam because I will travel and won't have internet access for a good period of time, simply as that. I have seen a product that you buy for 9.99$ which points that exchanges your steam copy to a non steam version & viceversa, but it requires the key or license of my steam version of Clickteam fusion, which I cannot see anywhere inside steam (It's not visible but I have them registered here), plus I read somewhere I need to get one copy of that exchanger (9.99$) for each product I have on steam, one for clickteam fusion dev + 4 more for exporters and one more for clickteam 2.5+ dlc?, so would be 59.94$??, then I have to buy that product on clickteam store that is not the same account as here, I am really confused on how to proceed to be honest.

    If someone or some dev can explain me the proccess of this would be greatly appreciated.

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    For this reason, I experienced a nightmare, 48 hours, I saw this post, just want to laugh, haha!

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    in any case Jeff is the person to talk to about this, but im guessing you're out of luck.
    i dont think you can exchange your steam for normal versions;
    BUT. you can use steam programs offline, and there is zero reason you need to be online using fusion anyway. make sure Steam is loaded on a laptop, and you have it DL before you go overseas.

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    hi Rakashis i can confirm that it is possible to convert your steam items into standalone. I have already converted my steam version of 2.5 Developer, 2.5+DLC and HTML DLC to standalone.

    Easy way is to make sure you have all your steam items showing in your forum community passport. ( do that by adding in you steam number to the page and it will update all the icons for your purchases on steam. )

    Purchase a conversion for each item you want to convert. There are instructions when you purchase. Basically you send your details including your steam profile link. Copy that from top of your steam profile page . Send them your community passport link too. copy that from here on the community passport page.
    It takes a few days and they send you back your new serial to install your standalone product. I use steam version on my desktop and standalone on my laptop when away.

    I muddled through my first conversion and they helped me via email .. happy game making to you fellow clicker ..

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