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Thread: Android Pixel graphics problem

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    Android Pixel graphics problem

    I am making a game with pixel graphics appearance and soemthing really strange occured I wasn't expecting.

    You can see on your own that a rotating circle I use for an effect, is actually rotating even the shape of each pixel.
    I understand that this means the app is running in a bigger resolution than the game actually uses.

    What I really want to achieve is the result below.
    Now note that the first screenshot is from android and the second is the same app running in windows with the same options selected.

    How I can achieve the result of the second photo in android too?

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    I haven't used the Android exporter but I have encountered the same issue with HTML5 - I imagine it's something to do with those platforms rendering sprites upscaled to the resolution of the display, rather than rendering the entire screen at once and then upscaling it (probably a performance thing)

    My workaround was to create a rotation animation with the pixel-perfect rotations built in. I used an MFA file to make it and then just took a screenshot - here's what it looks like

    And the file:
    rotate spritesheet.mfa

    You only really need a few of them though - you can cycle through 90░ worth of "rotated" pixel art (using whatever degree increments you want to make it as smooth as possible, or fewer for less RAM usage) and then just rotate the sprite in fusion 90/180/270░

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