I'm making a new attempt to create an extension, but still can't figure out how.

Fusion is a very good software and i baught the + DLC, but there is someting really problematic with this software compared to the others, and it's the documentation.

I'm sure i'm not the only one interested here in having a video tutorial on how to create an extension from scratch and even a cross-plateform extension.

Here is an idea of content, maybe others can add topics:
Lesson 1 :
- software needed with version.
- what to download and from where
- Setup and configure the environements for Windows, android, ios, uwp, ...

Lesson 2 :
-create and compile a Windows small helloworld extension with one condition, one action, etc.. to describe and explain the different sections and give tips.

Lesson 3:
- create the android exporter version of the helloworld extension created for Windows
- add special features like authorizations, how to add manifest sections like start at boot, listeners etc...
- build it and deploy it to explain every step and what they are for.

Lesson 4:
-same for ios

Lesson 5 etc...

this will be a really greate documentation effort.
The best is if it was done by Clickteam devs. And it's a big value creation for your software. It will help to enrich the extensions catalogue.