Please help! D:

I followed a youtube tutorial on Lacewing, got online multiplayer to work and then started to make an awesome pixel-art dungeon crawler out of it. Now I've accidentally broken my code and I'm horribly stuck! It's probably an easy fix for one of you veterans, so if you're willing to look into my code and propose a solution, I'd love to give you a mention in the game's credits!

When it was working, you'd be able to see other players already in the game and new players joining. Each player also has a Text Blitter above their head showing their randomised name. Currently not all old/new players show up, and the Text Blitters don't always show what they're supposed to or are in the wrong location...

The files are here:

I feel the issue is somewhere in the first few lines of code of frame "Main" regarding looping peers on channel etc.
I might've deleted some lines of code and/or coded it poorly...

Hope someone can save my day!