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Thread: Best way to create a world?

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    Best way to create a world?

    Hey! I've finally taken the leap to Firefly and I really like it. I have a third person setting and a guy walking around etc. I was just thinking about the actual world building. I can't imagine building an entire forest for example simply by hand, placing each object manually. Are fastloops the answer for this? Like "start of frame" ---> start fastloop "create tree" 200 times. "On loop" ----> create static mesh loaded with the tree model at x,y,z. Etc. I've never worked with 3D before so I'm just trying to learn the best ways for this stuff

    There must be some automatic stuff for creating foliage otherwise it will take forever to create a world. Fastloops was the first thing that came to mind. I'll be glad for any tips you can share. Thanks :-)

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    depends if your going procedural or static world - either use a map editor and just load it in - or figure out some formula and do it in a loop - you can also use transposing - pm in discord for a tutorial if you wish.

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