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Thread: New error report appeared since I built my app with version 292.4

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    Hey @Dobermann i finally finished to do some changes in string, and memory release and check them, maybe I can send you this one for you to test also.

    Also can you prepare me a zip with each of these items report in the list, a mean open and grab all the data from each of them.

    Fernando Vivolo

    ... new things are coming ...

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    Sure, here's all i've got in crash, i've made print screen:
    Android Crash

    You can send me the new version, i'm going to release another update to fix a bug i've forgot.

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    Sorry, I can't release another version until I finish a major update that I'm working on. It's most likely going to be in late June or early July. I'll try to test the new clickteam version then.

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