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Thread: WebVew2 isn't passing gamepad clicks to web page. Any ideas?

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    WebVew2 isn't passing gamepad clicks to web page. Any ideas?

    (I had originally posted this in the HTML5 exporter section, but it's more of a WebView2 issue so I'm putting it here.)

    I'm experimenting with the HTML5 exporter. I have a very simple Android app for the test: Press a button on the gamepad and it changes the color of the background. When I run the HTML5 from a web browser, like Firefox mobile, the gamepad works. But when I run it from a Fusion app I make, using Webview2, the gamepad clicks aren't passed to the HTML5 app-- the gamepad buttons only apply to the Webview2 shell app. Am I missing some simple setting? Or is it not possible to do? (I'm using the basic version of the HTML5 exporter that's included with Developer. If I can get this to work, I'll get the full version.) I'd appreciate any advice.

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    you need to share a small mfa to see the implementation

    Fernando Vivolo

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