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Thread: Create Object In Global Events

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    Create Object In Global Events

    I'm trying to create a kind of simple carousel /portfolio type app in which images fade in when you click the next/previous buttons.

    The Problem: I want to have an active object (in my case a 'next' button) that functions exactly the same (and has the same position) across all the frames. I have set my active object as a 'global' object and I have a create Object action on Start Of Frame along with a specific position action.

    However, the object is created on the first frame and then no longer exists in any other frame.

    Is there a better way to do this? I only wanted to use frame for their transitions feature but I am better off just sticking everything in a single frame and rolling my own transitions?

    If I need to practically re-code everything for each frame then using frame seems a bit pointless.


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    Did you place that active object in all the frames? Just uncheck the "create at start" box in the object properties so it only exists when you create it in your events. But even if it's set to be global, it still has to be placed somewhere or it will be ignored by that frame. But if the object is being created at start of frame in every frame, you might as well just drag and drop it where it needs to be in the frame instead of using create object events.

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