A question, please.

I saw earlier when the swf exporter came out there were issues with external links within the exported swf not working on Newgrounds. I would have
thought the issue would have been resolved with the updates and progress of the module. There were workarounds and extensions, and other ideas
to have the link, when clicked, open a new window and go to a designated website.

I have several flash games I have completed, but an issue has come up where half the links work on the Sales Frame, and the other half do not work.
By clicking you get the audio effect, the active moves, but a new window does not open on two links.

On the other two links (there are four total) they work property. These are Facebook and Amazon links. The other nonworking links are my company
website pages, two, which is he home page and the Flash Page for our games.

Now the games have been tested in IE, a flash compiler, and in the mfa. The links work perfectly in unison. So I am wondering why two links work, and two
links do not on Newgrounds. Are there any suggestions?