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hey! Sorry for the late reply!

While the solution i posted works, it's not perfect by any means since your objects don't scale up with the screen size so you may end up with everything looking quite tiny. I've started using a different method which scales up properly and also adjusts the frame size. Problem with that is that the "base" resolution is locked i.e. if I set my application window size to 1080x1920 and ran my app on a 1080x2160 or 1440x3040 display everything will look nice and scale properly and dynamically adjust things like aspect ratio so no more black bars, but if I ran it on a 720x1280 screen it would be sort of cropped in and your objects won't scale down properly. TBH in 2019 very few people would have a resolution lower than 1080p but it's still a considerable chunk nonetheless. I've attached an MFA with my settings copied over so you can have a look for yourself.

If anyone has a better way to do this I'm open to seeing it!
Sweeeeeeet, what a legend! I'll try and post my results in a few months when I finish developing my app. Thanks!