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Thread: Detect if application is running from within fusion or standalone exe

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    Detect if application is running from within fusion or standalone exe

    Hi all,

    I need to create a condition that detects whether or not my app is running from within Fusion (either Run... Application or Run... Frame) or if it's running as a compiled EXE, but Apppath$ + Appname$ + ".exe" always returns what the EXE filename would be rather than edrtex.exe that is actually running my EXE, and the Runtime object / runtime detection on the Special object always return a windows runtime too.

    How can I detect if my app is being run from within Fusion or if it's a standalone EXE?


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    You could use the Command Line function, it retrieves the full command line that contains the name of the EXE. Test if Find(CommandLine$, "edrt.exe", 0) returns a value lower than 0, if so it's running as stand-alone app, otherwise it's running from the editor. Replace "edrt.exe" by "edrtex.exe" if you use 2.5+.

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