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Thread: Cosine behaves strange when reading object values

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    Exclamation Cosine behaves strange when reading object values

    Currently, my code looks like this.

    For Each Object C Run loop "AngleCheck"
    > Set Value1 to Angle between ObjectA and Object B
    > Set Value2 Cos(Value1)

    Value1, currently, always equals 270 degrees, this value remains consistent and never changes.

    However, for some reason. Cos outputs -5.3263 when reading Value1, Value 1 is always 270.

    When replacing Cos(Value1) with Cos(270). It yeilds "0" as it should.

    For some reason, cos outputs the incorrect result when reading an objects values. However, behaves normally when simply putting the value in manually.

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    Also, in the code you described - you run the check for each C, finding the angle between A and B (is that really so? - I mean, neither A or B ale selected by the event, so it will take the same ones every time)?

    Anyway, it works for me just fine when reading the value from another source. I tried getting the angle between two objects and then calculating Cos, works as it should (I did try with 270).

    If you share part of your MFA, we can take a look.

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