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Thread: FLAPPY FIGHTER released on iOS!!!

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    @Fernando . maybe I'm explaining it wrong,

    it works fine with the same sample....then it stops working. so something has gone wrong.

    it works & plays two of the same the first time, then it stops working when you play it the 2nd time

    if it didn't work the first time as well then fair enough, but it does work, so something is definitely bugged

    & yes it works with different sounds, but its super tedious to do & very unproffesional to have to have duplicates for every sounds in the whole game and also takes valuable memory memory which is precious on mobile devices, & low file size is one of my games selling points in my App Store pitch.

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    I will post here an example provided by Olivier, which help me to see this issue.

    se that when you press red and blue box the position start to be the same

    this doe snot happens with the same concept and two different sounds

    hope it is clear
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    Fernando Vivolo

    ... new things are coming ...

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    Congrats dude this is awesome.

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