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Thread: Should I upload game on Steam?

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    Should I upload game on Steam?

    Hi all,

    I want to ask You for opinion. I've got 3 android games (500-1000 installs) and I think about remake them to Steam.
    PC gamers have got much higher requirements, but in other hand I saw so much worst games than mine on Steam...
    So, I'm not sure, steam upload is quite expencive. Have You got any Steam experience? Which game should pass Steam Direct, or which fail?
    What do You think, is it any sense to do that with one of those projects? Which one? which not?

    my favourite and the longest time before un-install:

    most engaded players (surprise for me):

    the most complex:

    I will be gratefull for any comments from anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaku88 View Post
    Which game should pass Steam Direct, or which fail?
    According to steamwork documents:
    Reviewing Product Build
    Our review of your game or software build prior to release typically takes 3-5 business days to complete, but we ask that you plan for at least five business days to ensure that we are able to review and approve in time for release and to allow for time in case an issue should arise. We'll send you any feedback if necessary, or if none is necessary, we'll mark your product as "Ready for release".

    Here's a list of things we check for when reviewing your product:
    Your product will need to start up properly.
    This means that your product must successfully launch in all supported operating systems listed on the store page.
    All supported features listed on the store page will need to be implemented in the current build.
    If you intend to add a feature in the future, you'll need to remove the selected feature in the Basic Info tab until it is implemented and released.
    Your product must use Steam Wallet for any in-game transactions.
    This means that your product cannot link to other store pages that does not offer Steam Wallet.
    This means that steam doesn't care the quality of your game, they just need to make sure it is a game.
    You know, it's much easier to upload to steam by steam direct rather than greenlight.

    Also check this new section:
    Bringing Mobile Games to Steam

    Besides, as far as I know, steam now has strict restrictions on child pornography, e.g. Galgames, are difficult to pass or need a long time to review.

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