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Thread: [WIP] 2600 Remakes Collection ~ ( open source )

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    [WIP] 2600 Remakes Collection ~ ( open source )

    What started off to be a challenge, turned into somewhat of a monster.
    The challenge was: to Remake an A2600 Game, using 1 Frame as close as possible to the original A2600 game... & a few set of other rules as i started compiling them.
    Some I finished quick, some stumped me, some took a while longer, and some are still going on... and on.

    This will give you an idea of what it became...
    Video * sorry for awful 360upload * but you'll get the idea of what it is.

    It really was going to be a learning thing of all types of games, for people to look at.
    The reason Im posting this, is I am asking if anyone is interested in submitting a game(s) for this:
    I will supply you will a blank frame to work with that has the default starting code for you to go. * this is used to integrate into the whole selection idea.

    In return, those who submit a game; will receive the whole open source file - with what i have so far.

    The current list, can be interchanged i guess: I was selecting out ones that interested me or ones i thought i had a good idea on completing.
    Some future additions to this, will be a help/info for each game, because they did tend to be simple, yet weird to play.

    so far the list look like this:

    aqua adventure, bezerk, seaquest, space invaders, frogger, adventure, pitfall, ztack, tron deadly discs, galaxian, kaboom, breakout, barnstorming, golf, ms pacman, missile command, river raid, yars revenge, ET,
    astroids, sky jinx, boxing, dragon fire, grand prix, solar fox, halloween, shark attack, haunted house, joust, skiing, stampede, outlaw, empire strikes back, phoenix, obelix, dodge em, surround, atlantis, circus,
    shootin gallery, indy 500, freeway, crackpots, basketball, dragster, bowling, donkey kong, combat, sky diver, smurfs rescue, fishing derby,

    *i try to test them until bug free, but theres just so many, sometimes a bug may slip past*

    frostbite, gangster alley, superman, tapper, tennis, home run, slot racers, defender, moon patrol, chopper command, raider lost ark, venture, kangaroo, frankensteins monster, pitfall 2, frog'n flies, treasure below, time pilot
    n hero, carnival, dig dug, mega mania

    spiderman, kungfu master, centipede, vanguard, fantastic voyage, jungle hunt, midnight magic, qbert, keystone capers, star wars, pole position, gremlins, alien, beany bopper, ghost manor, gyruss
    texas chainsaw massacre, laser gates, air sea battle, pressure cooker, commando, popeye, crystal castles, dark chambers, oink, planet patrol, supercobra, turmoil, amidar, star raiders, wall defender, slot machine
    beam rider, drive, Adventures of TRON

    The "rules": I will supply a frame to those who may want to try; just PM me.
    Frame window= 640x480; the frame size anything you like.
    Entire game is on 1 frame only.
    NO [Global Values], may use values on a local active for eg;
    Gfx as authentic as poorly possible
    Sfx as orig; if you cannot get them, leave it out * i can add them.
    Game play - as accurate as possible, incl speed, level layout, etc.
    Comments (in english) as much as possible, as this will be open source for people to learn from.

    ### the source code is given to those who CONTRIBUTE a COMPLETE game ###
    ### the source code MAY NOT be uploaded or handed out OR SOLD to the public ###
    ### the games feature copyrighted material, so its for LEARNING only ###

    Anyone having the source and spots or fixes a bug, can fix it, and send me the frame you repaired.
    It can be quite a challenge. Pick something that hasnt been completed please or find one that isnt on the list.
    You may want to Download Stella , and play the game you want to remake to get it close.
    I cannot tell you where to get roms for this, but they can be found.

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    I made a complete megamania engine (complete without sound), but with keyboard and touch support (for cell phones). It goes out of the standard imposed by you (it has 8 frames, each 1 a stage and game area outside 640x480, but totally possible to adjust).

    Game has 8 phases and at the end, restart the first one in a bigger difficulty. All the graphics I designed in paint. Could I participate in this project with this engine?
    I will publish it in html5 and post the link here:

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    So great!!!. Is it possible .mfa source of the games?

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