Hello everyone!

I just want to tell you that this is a really great DLC.

The DLC is not for everyone, because it is not as easy as Clickteam Fusion 2.5 itself, but this is logical because you are using 1 more dimension.
If you spend a while you will discover great possibilities!

I've tried some game engines before like UNITY for 3D and of course you cannot compare the graphics, BUT you can create the game you want with Firefly, because event-logic is the same(easy) as before!
I am a one man hobby developer and I do not expect to be able to create a graphical triple A title on my own, so FIREFLY graphics are fine!
Don't forget, gameplay makes a good game not graphics!

I know that my thread sounds a bit strange, as if I was employed by Clickteam, but I looked at many threads here for learning purposes and I just wanted to get rid of it.
Clickteam keeps it up!

My suggestions for the future:
If possible, try to bring more capabilities of Clickteam itself to Firefly.
It took me a while, until I could use Firefly and the previous extensions (2D) together. That would make it easier for beginners.

Quick question at the ending:

Can someone tell me how to achieve this? This is great!