So I am doing a top-down shooter and like games like 1945, I want huge lasers/orbs, etc to get shot out by the enemy bosses and badass lightning blasts from the good guys. Sort of akin to the 1945 arcade game. I understand how to make Spread shots, a basic understanding of bullet hell concepts. But these bigger weapons I am not really sure for.


For example this lightning blast. Would this be something like:

1. Create the animation
2. Create a hitbox that fits over the animation as closely as possible.
3. When player shoots Lightning Cannon, scale hitbox to X (or would this be a spawn hitbox? Or would it even go further and just have a deactivated hitbox following the ship at all time and activate it when the button is pressed?)
4. Play animation as it scales/spawns/activates
5. Deactivate after animation.

And finally, for a giant laser blast that follows the enemy ship as it moves side-to-side while it blasts a straight line towards the player. Is this another thing where you Scale the animation and have "If play touches X while animation playing, destroy player?" But if that is scaled, wouldn't the animation get all wonky looking?

What would be the best protocol for a weapon like this?