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Thread: [BUG REPORT] Differences between Androin and Windows Compilation

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    [BUG REPORT] Differences between Androin and Windows Compilation


    I'm trying to remake my app from between Andoid and PC and I found multiple thinks working in different way on this platforms.
    I suppose it should be easy to make cross-platform project and only change compilation method but it is impossible.

    1. Resolution:
    Android: auto fit to screen
    Windows: Resize display to fit window size must be checked

    2. Physics
    Bouncing ball movement - decceleration = 0
    Android - Decceleration auto change to 1, 0 is unsupported
    Windows - 0 is 0
    it make a really huge difference and it is realy hard to trace. Probalby other values make the same issue with 0

    3. Event order
    I'm loading multiple values in one of first lines
    In next line, I make an operation on this loaded data
    Android - load all values, and after that do next line
    Windows - load one value, do job from next event, load second value
    The difference probably is: in Android I used QuickSave and it work synhronous, but on Windows I used asynhronous Steamwork

    4. Object values (not solved yet)
    I've got an object with a value A = 5.
    Object is not created on start of frame.
    I create this object on demand.
    Android - After create, object value A is 5, so newly created object keep parameters from design
    Windows - After create, object value A is 0, so newly created object miss all default values from design view

    5. Buttons (not solved yet)
    Android - looks good, but I had some problems with tap event (solved by Fernando)
    Windows - graphics looks ****ty ;] Graphic are totally broken and I'm unable to describe that, each graphic are broken in different way

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    There are many changes between those 2 runtimes - some are unavoidable - others I also get upset about, but not the ones you mentioned.

    1. Window and Android displays have their own settings. Perhaps the defaults are set differently - but you have many options for both. In the Android section there is great documentation showing how the different screen options work.
    2. There is an issue with deceleration and bouncing ball movement in Android and Windows where it's set to 1 and not zero - there's a separate thread on that. But the issue was picked up in Windows actually.
    3. Fusion is created to read the lines in order - however, some immediate events get triggered before it's finished reading the Start of Frame events - in Android because the devices have less memory this is more of an issue than in Windows. However, if you're using 2 different objects then of course you'd have 2 different behaviours. I work around it by not activating the "immediate" events until 1 second into the frame so that I know the start of frame events are done.
    4. I've never had this error - and none of my games would work if I did get it - because I tend to put the values into the object as a default value rather than create it at runtime.
    5. Android is typically downscaling and Windows is typically upscaling and that makes the difference. Also check that you're using Direct X and not Windows Standard for your PC settings. If you are using the actual Buttons object - that doesn't work on Windows Direct X or full screen - it's legacy content - use an active object instead. There aren't many resolutions that make the transition between Android and PC - I found creating the game in 1280x720 gives me the best results. Anything other than that requires me to make the game twice - a larger Windows version and a smaller Android version.

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