I'm wondering if there is an extension out there that allows you to get a frame's index via its name, or if I can pay someone to make that for me. Currently we've been aliasing Jump to Frame actions to a function call and choosing which to jump to based on its parameter, but this is tedious boilerplate and will get quite unmaintainable with the amount of areas our game will have. (We can't have a single frame for main gameplay either as the frame editor is our level editor.)

I've tried many workarounds, primarily revolving around using the subapp object + MMFParams to get a list of all the frame names and indicies via global values, however this doesn't work if I just loop through them as there has to be about 2 game ticks (1 being the subapp frame change action and another for the start of frame events of the subapp to fire) before any results can be gained.
I've also considered just having a static list of every frame name and its index, but again, this is irritating and static (as it doesn't update if frames get shuffled around or inserted)