Finally I decided to create a PoC of my platformer game which I thought would be quite easy thanks to the built-in physics. How wrong I was

What I want to achieve seems quite easy - have a character with Platform movement who could be knocked back or thrown off by explosions, rotating in the air and bouncing off the obstacles. I could use Fans or Magnets but the lack of rotation just does not look good.

I found out that when using the Platform movement, I cannot use impulses/forces and the angle is fixed. I tried to use Physics Static movement and code my own movement by using left/right impulses for walking but then, when the character is e.g. upside down, switching directions of course does not work well (I mean, it works technically correct, but rotates by 180 degrees).
I even tried to have two movements, platform for moving and static for explosions, but due to different Hot Spot requirements the switch causes the object to jump, not mentioning other smaller problems.

So I wonder, is there even a way how to implement that? E.g. Worms had exactly the same movement - you move around, slide down the slopes etc. and explosions can send you flying with torque, bouncing around..