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Thread: Have object change movements on mouse release?

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    Have object change movements on mouse release?

    So I have a game where I want to click and drag objects onto the board then have physics handle the movements upon release. Basically:

    Click object and drag it to playing field.
    Upon release of mouse, movement goes into physics. And object falls.

    I have the movement of the object setup as PHYSICS STATIC. Then I did "When user left clicks on Object, Position XMouse YMouse but it does not seem to drag the object around.

    How can I properly drag this then have physics take over when I stop holding the mouse button?

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    @Mazerwulf You should use "Repeat while mouse pressed" event instead.
    You can also right-click the condition and negate it for a condition that basically menas "when mouse is not held down".
    And you can combine the negated condition with another: under Special object (gear icon), Limit Conditions > Only one action while event loops condition, which will run the actions once when the mouse button is initially released.

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