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Thread: Errors/Bugs Encountered in Firefly

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    Errors/Bugs Encountered in Firefly

    Hi there! Iíve been using Firefly for nearly 9 months and Clickteam over 4 years. Due to a few issues in Firefly, Iíve had to work around issues that really shouldn't be there at all.

    Most issues have been with the image object.

    It doesnít display the image correctly in the frame editor. Itís always offset to be upper left. Example:

    It also only has the ability to scale left to right or right to left instead of to the center (like actives).

    In its properties, there is a visibility checkbox that doesnít function. Example:

    The text object lacks text alignment settings and will randomly move when another text object is added to the engine (since instead of checking the "visible" box, you have to "add to engine").

    Some ideas for the future:

    Every object should have a working "visibility" checkbox. A few have it, but others donít.

    Angle settings would be great for billboards and Firefly images.

    I donít know if itís possible, but it would be cool to have some sort of rotation lock on the billboard where only itís Y angle is set to the playerís position. Something like ďLock X/Z rotationĒ.

    I had a hard time learning how to use this engine because of the lack of basic video tutorials and an overwhelming amount of vaguely described functions in the event editor. This isnít an issue ever since Iíve figured the engine out, but it will be for new users.

    This idea may not be possible to achieve with how Firefly is coded, but would be fantastic if possible. If there was some way to layer Clickteam actives and all the other objects above the Firefly engine object, it would take away the need for alternative image and text objects.

    If the basic issues were fixed soon, it would make the engine so much better to work with. I think there is SO much potential for this engine, but itís just not "there" yet.

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    @garrett_tube I agree with you. When I first experimented with Firefly I thought the objects were going to have the same conditions and actions like regular actives but it does not. So it's actually missing a lot of functional options and there is little documention for it. I was having a hard time just trying to figure out how to set a transparency or even rotate/ shake an object by it's coordinate. I was really hoping for a better transition. Maybe that will change.

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    I'm not a specialist of Firefly, just a quick comment about the visibility options of the Image object. From what I understand those properties and actions shouldn't be there. To show a Firefly Image object you have to add it to the engine, either with the option in the properties or an action. The visibility options are just useless, they are displayed simply because the object needs other features that are associated with them (= the SDK options are not detailed enough). I'll check if we can remove them, to keep only the "add to engine" options.

    PS: the display error in the frame editor is fixed in the next update.

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